I’d like to tell you that watching a planning public inquiry is fascinating – but my nose would grow out of control. So why did I spend half of last Thursday observing a planning inquiry? I needed to do so because they were discussing SAMDev, the county’s blueprint for housing and employment sites. And specifically […]

In a guest post, Shropshire’s MYPs Laura Sheldon and Rhys Hart talk about their days in the House of Commons, how civilised it was compared to bear pit of debates by mainstream MPs, but how difficult it can be to get to speak on your first day in the House. The debate was not just […]

My first reaction to news today that the police are to seek a review of the premises licence for the Blue Boar in Mill Street is: “Whoop, whoop!” We all know how it happens in Ludlow. There’s a progression of rowdy behaviour late at night. It begins in Mill Street and then moves across the […]

It’s shocking that the level of empty homes in this county has soared while they have fallen elsewhere. In the last four years, the number of long-term empty properties in Shropshire has gone up by more than 5%. Nationally, the number has dropped by 28%. This woeful performance puts us in the bottom ten percent […]

The Shropshire Council Lib Dem group met with officers last Tuesday to discuss the new arrangements for delivering youth services from next April. Youth services are a central priority for the four unitary councillors for Ludlow and Clee. We have long been on the ball, so we didn’t learn much new. We were though shocked […]

The four Shropshire councillors for Ludlow and Clee are asking the town council to ‘adopt’ the Youth Centre. The letter below will be considered at Ludlow town council on Monday, 24 November. We are in tough times at the moment. Our budget for youth services in the town has been slaughtered. We will have just […]

A guest post by Tracey Huffer, chair of Ludlow Youth Partnership and Shropshire Councillor for Ludlow East. I despair. Expertise, experience and effectiveness matter nothing to a council only concerned with costs. I appreciate that Shropshire Council has to overhaul its youth provision in a time of cuts. But the new budget is only a […]


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