Ahead of the national youth parliament in the House of Commons on 14 November, Shropshire MYP Laura Sheldon writes a guest post on the issues of most concern to young people in Ludlow and Shropshire. After being elected as a Member of Youth Parliament (MYP) in February 2013, it has become very clear to me […]

That’s it. The Ludlow Arts Festival has gone – for 2015 at least. As the Ludlow Advertiser and Shropshire Star report, it is not commercially viable. Chris Davis, the festival organiser tells the newspapers that Ludlow Castle and Ludlow Arts Festival Ltd have decided that: “The scale of events they wish to stage are not […]

It was a private meeting so I can’t name the Tory councillor that asked: “Surely there are no poor people in Ludlow?” I suspect that she had never been beyond Mill Street (I should make it clear I am not referring to former councillor Rosanna Taylor-Smith in this comment, but a councillor elsewhere in the […]

I was at a meeting in Shirehall a couple months ago when a Conservative councillor asked: “Surely there are no poor people in Ludlow?” More recently a local councillor told a meeting that more than half of the residents in Ludlow are aged 65 or over. Neither of these statements is anywhere near the truth. […]

A planning application has been submitted to subdivide the garden of Burfield on Burway Lane, Ludlow and build a detached house (14/04422/FUL). The closing date for comments in 4 November, though in practice comments will be taken up to the point the decision is made if they raise material considerations.

Unemployment levels have more than halved in the last 18 months across the Ludlow constituency. That’s very good news. Youth unemployment is falling too. And we have much lower unemployment than many areas around us and the UK as a whole. What we need to concentrate on now is the quality of jobs. Let’s do […]

Patients of the Portcullis practice in central Ludlow will know how cramped the current building is. I am a patient there myself and there are times when it is standing room only in the waiting area. There is no privacy at reception, and if a patient speaks loudly to a doctor is sometimes possible to […]


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