Shropshire Council is consulting on its flood risk strategy. This a good piece of co-working with Staffordshire County Council. But I am not sure that it will allow us to tackle growing flood risk effectively. I’m sceptical that its guidance on planning will be followed in practice. I’m more disappointed that greater attention hasn’t been […]

Shropshire Council is planning to bump up the charges for travel to school by 68% to nearly £900 per year for most 17 and 18 year olds. With inflation at less than 2% that’s eye-watering. The proposed charges from September 2014 are: Students from families not on defined benefits: £876 a year (previously £520) Students […]

Plans have been submitted for a petrol station on the junction of Bromfield Road and Coronation Avenue. It will have a convenience store and a coffee shop. I am opposing this development (14/00563/FUL) on the grounds of flood risk and increased traffic in area used by large numbers of schoolchildren. The environmental consequences of a […]

We had the money for the Buttercross museum project, and then we didn’t. Then we had it again, but now we haven’t. It’s madness and it’s bad for Ludlow. Shropshire Council has once again changed the rules for funding Ludlow’s Buttercross museum project. It first said that the current grant had to be spent by […]

The plan is for a pavement café area tucked into the dogleg between Corve Street and the Bull Ring. As you approach the front door of the Compasses, the café area will be in front of the window to the left, out of the way of pedestrians. The seating and tables are to be used […]

An application for planning permission reveals the future for De Grey’s tea rooms. Many would have hoped that the building would have been resurrected as a traditional café and tea rooms. Some feared it would become a Wetherspoon pub, though many others have told me they would welcome a cheap beer and food outlet in […]

Today (21 March), Shropshire Council announced that it will not after all be insisting that Ludlow spends its £120,000 grant for the new museum at the Buttercross by 31 March (see backstory). This means that the threat to the project, and the knock-on impacts on the Assembly Rooms redevelopment, have been removed. This morning, Mark […]


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